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Our customers trust us to evaluate, choose and support the best solutions for their business including:



    • Internet
    • Collocation
    • Dark Fiber
    • Wireless/Satellite
    • Broadband (Cable)
    • IoT


Voice Services
    • UCaaS
    • VOIP
    • SIP
    • PRI
    • POTS
    • Contact Center
    • Conferencing
    • Wireless


    • Threat Detection
    • Security Review
    • Risk Assessments
    • Contingency Planning
    • Access Limitations
    • Server Protection
Direct Source 360 is a Strategy Partner for Technology Resources

Direct Source 360 is Your Service
Agent and Strategy Partner

Your business relies on technologies that constantly evolve. So do the needs of your customers, clients and communities.

As your strategy partner we work to ensure you’re equipped for the present and the future.

We’re focused on being your technology ally.
Our goal is to understand what you do,

and help you excel with the best available products and services.

We save you the time, money and effort of sourcing the right solutions so you can focus on your clients.

Working as your ally means taking the opportunity to help you find better ways to serve those who rely on you.

Full service comes with every Direct Source 360 solution

When it comes time to update your systems, we have your back for the life of your contracts. You benefit from our experience
and knowledge in the market, from vendor selection, to service, to renewal.

Direct Source 360 - full service technology solutions

Talking about technical solutions shouldn’t be intimidating

We help you navigate complex technology so you can make informed decisions.

Evaluating options means having to communicate with providers who have spent years developing highly engineered solutions. Business decision-makers bring their own backgrounds and perspectives.

We work hard to earn your trust. We listen to your questions and respond with clear answers. We translate any jargon into understandable information that supports you in making appropriate business decisions.

No discussion should feel intimidating. We serve as a technology guide to our clients, so you can implement the right solution quickly.

Not only do you need confidence in your technology decisions today. You also need alignment with your organization’s near-term and long-term vision. Direct Source 360 is focused on the business goals you are trying to accomplish, so you can focus on growing your business.

What Our Clients Are Saying…

I can always rely on Direct Source 360 to be responsive and look out for the best interests of our customer and our organization. We’re at a partner level. They can translate technical jargon to a CEO or CFO so they can make appropriate business decisions.

I’ve never had anybody as helpful as Direct Source 360 has been. I relied on their experience and knowledge in the market as to what would be the best deal for us. And we saved a ton of money.

A person who understands the problem is a big value to the customers out there. DirectSource360 is going to get to the bottom of my problem. Just the fact that DirectSource360 is there working on a particular problem diligently, making the calls and doing investigation – that’s the benefit for the company. It’s very helpful to us.

I know when Direct Source 360 tells me something that they’ve done, it is 100% the truth, it’s 100% honest, it’s 100% transparent. And I’m wasting my time trying to find anything better, because they’ve already done it. I talk to them a lot. They keep us ahead of the game.

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