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We use a simple, proven approach to identify the
right technology solutions to serve your goals – at no cost to you.

The DS360 Approach: Overview

  • Strategy: We look at your current situation and your company’s strategic plan

  • Selection: We help you select and optimize solutions for your business

  • Delivery: We take care of delivery and installation, including billing review for accuracy

  • Support: You receive ongoing support through the entire contract cycle

Our promise is in our name: Direct Source 360 provides the resources you need, when you need them, through the full contract cycle.

The DS360 Process In Detail  

  1.  Discovery – We look at the current situation
  • We take an inventory of your current services by location, vendor, contract, and invoice
  1.  Strategy Review – We assess your present and future needs
  • We check your company’s Strategic Plan
  • We identify your current goals
  • We look at your future direction to understand your needs
  1.  Vendor Solicitation – We solicit the best resources from our vendors
  • We reach out to our portfolio of over 400 vendors
  • We solicit the best solutions and resources for your needs, based on your current situation
    (Discovery), and understanding of future needs (Strategy Review)
  1.  Presentation of Options – We review presentations from vendors you select
  • We offer you options to select vendors to present solutions
  • We coordinate vendor presentations from the companies you select
  • You meet, discuss, and question the vendors directly. We join you to ensure all your questions
    are answered to your satisfaction
  1.  Selection, Delivery, and Installation
  • Once you have chosen a solution Direct Source 360 works on your behalf to ensure the timely
    installation of services and to disconnect services that are discontinued
  • We ensure all billing is accurate
  1.  Ongoing management
  • We provide support for the life of all contracts
  • We manage all issues – service issues, billing, adding services, change requests, contract renewals
  • Our job is to ensure the provider delivers on what was promised to you.  We manage contract renewals to ensure you do not auto-renew before we discuss future improvements

We are proactive against risks and surprises


We are proactive about the terms of your contract, which helps you plan ahead, avoid surprises, and have time to negotiate new terms instead of auto-renew.

Unexpected events can happen any time. Businesses need proactive planning for surprises including:

  • Equipment or power failures
  • Security threats
  • Emergencies
  • The rapid pace of change

Service interruptions also happen because of contract limitations or terminations, not just because of technical issues. 

We work hard to ensure your solutions are delivered to perform as promised.

What Our Clients Are Saying…

I can always rely on Direct Source 360 to be responsive and look out for the best interests of our customer and our organization. We’re at a partner level. They can translate technical jargon to a CEO or CFO so they can make appropriate business decisions.

I’ve never had anybody as helpful as Direct Source 360 has been. I relied on their experience and knowledge in the market as to what would be the best deal for us. And we saved a ton of money.

A person who understands the problem is a big value to the customers out there. DirectSource360 is going to get to the bottom of my problem. Just the fact that DirectSource360 is there working on a particular problem diligently, making the calls and doing investigation – that’s the benefit for the company. It’s very helpful to us.

I know when Direct Source 360 tells me something that they’ve done, it is 100% the truth, it’s 100% honest, it’s 100% transparent. And I’m wasting my time trying to find anything better, because they’ve already done it. I talk to them a lot. They keep us ahead of the game.

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