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Mobility Solutions

The Future. Embrace It.

Machine to Machine (M2M) was originally developed to bring us Caller ID and has expanded beyond a one-to-one connection, changing into a system of networks that transmits data to personal appliances, medical and utilities – both wired and wireless. We are now transforming into an Internet of Things (IoT) society where objects, people and animals are monitored through unique identifiers. This exploding market increases efficiency but requires access for others into your network – which needs to be both monitored and secured.

Security is an increasing concern with mobile access to company networks. Setting internal alerts and being able to remotely erase a lost or stolen smartphone are just two examples of how we can help you safeguard your information.

  • Single invoice for all mobile carriers
  • Cross-carrier pooling data, voice and texts
  • International SIM cards when traveling abroad
  • Customized international mobile app for calling overseas
  • Single point of contact for moves, add and deletes
  • Eco-friendly recycling options

DirectSource360 can help you manage any and all aspects of mobility while pursuing industry best practices and trends. Call us today to help mobility work better for your organization.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if we are not at the end of a contract?
It does not matter. Our relationship with your vendors have allowed renegotiations regardless of term.
We call internationally, do you have a program to address this?
Yes, several. Whether traveling abroad or just dialing overseas, there are several options to save over 50% on international services.
Can you assist in buying devices?
Yes. We have access to OEM and reputable, authorized refurbishers. We can also implement plans with your providers to limit device options to employees.
Can you integrate a wireless data service as a back-up solution for our office?
Yes, this is a very cost effective back up solution and can be bonded to your existing data pipes. This can be managed realtime to ensure it is always ready when you need it.

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We work to identify service providers that meet your needs and negotiate the most favorable contract terms on your behalf.

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Connect with us to learn how DirectSource360 can improve your IT infrastructure