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Hosting & Cloud Solutions

Transitioning to the cloud… learning which technologies make sense

In today’s environment with increased demand on mobility, virtual workspace and collaboration, companies are turning to the ease of managed hosted solutions. These hosted solutions alleviate the challenges for budgeting for and implementing next generation updates or developing remote access solutions. We are proud to offer through our cloud partners, Hosted VoIP, Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Lync, keeping our clients connected.   Hosted Solutions leveraging the cloud can provide anytime remote or mobile access with the security and reliability companies need and expect. These solutions also allow for automatic updates, visibility and centralized control down to each end user, device policies, real-time backup, storage and secured access to mission critical data and enterprise applications.

  • Hosted Exchange
  • VOIP
  • Online Backup
  • SaaS
  • Colocation, Hosting and Server Virtualization
  • Unified Communications


Cloud solutions can have a positive impact on how businesses operate which can allow for easier management, greater visibility, and increased access at the same security levels business users have today.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What cloud solutions are right for my company?
Engage DirectSource360 to discuss your current environment to help determine which hosted solutions make sense for you.
Our data is sensitive, what is the best way to manage our data and employee access to that data?
Controlling and monitoring employee usage and access is critical based on today’s security needs and the increased competitive marketplace. DirectSource360 can match the right solution to meet your security needs.
Will I save money transitioning from traditional voice to next generation VoIP?
Sometimes hosted VoIP will not be the correct move for hard dollar cost savings, however, there may be additional functional benefits that create soft dollar efficiencies that outweigh the hard dollars.
Is pushing our email exchange to the cloud the best choice for my business?
There are many advantages to implementing hosted exchange and based on your company’s size, operations and goals, DirectSource360 can assist in the research and vendor selection that meets the needs of your company.
Does it make sense to move my applications to the cloud?
Managers ask this question every day – each solution is different. Give us a call to discuss your current environment so we can collaborate on industry options to determine what applications make sense to transition to a hosted solution.

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