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Protecting Your Assets

How Are You Handling Cybersecurity Risks? 

Cyber criminals are constantly employing new tools and strategies to in­filtrate businesses — making it no longer a question of if, but when systems will be breached.  That is why it is so important to understand the security landscape, develop a strategy and engage the right suppliers to help you implement or strengthen your security posture. Doing so will help minimize the impact of any security event on your business.

The faster you can detect and eject a threat, the less damage it can do to your organization.

What are your biggest security concerns and does your staff have the budget and expertise to address them?

Have you recently done any type of security review on your people, processes, or technology?

Have you adopted any cloud-based applications and if so, do you know what risks that has created?

Does your organization limit information system access to authorized users, processes, or devices?

Do you have a contingency plan in case of an emergency or disaster?

Do you limit physical access to systems, equipment, and operating environments to only authorized individuals?

Do you still have servers in your facilities?

We procure the best cybersecurity solutions to protect your assets

We are proactive about the terms of your contract, which helps you plan ahead, avoid surprises and give you time to negotiate new terms instead of auto-renew.

Cybersecurity threats and breach events are unfortunately a daily concern. Businesses need proactive planning to be prepared by determining:

  • Threat Detection
  • Security Review
  • Risk Assessments
  • Contingency Planning
  • Access Limitations
  • Server Protection

We work hard to ensure your cybersecurity solutions are delivered to perform as promised.

What Our Clients Are Saying…

I can always rely on Direct Source 360 to be responsive and look out for the best interests of our customer and our organization. We’re at a partner level. They can translate technical jargon to a CEO or CFO so they can make appropriate business decisions.

I’ve never had anybody as helpful as Direct Source 360 has been. I relied on their experience and knowledge in the market as to what would be the best deal for us. And we saved a ton of money.

A person who understands the problem is a big value to the customers out there. DirectSource360 is going to get to the bottom of my problem. Just the fact that DirectSource360 is there working on a particular problem diligently, making the calls and doing investigation – that’s the benefit for the company. It’s very helpful to us.

I know when Direct Source 360 tells me something that they’ve done, it is 100% the truth, it’s 100% honest, it’s 100% transparent. And I’m wasting my time trying to find anything better, because they’ve already done it. I talk to them a lot. They keep us ahead of the game.

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